Samuel Siriria Leadismo

Samuel Siriria Leadismo

Founder and Director

Samuel Siriria Leadismo is a pastoralist from Samburu County, Kenya. His family is from the Black Cattle clan and he’s designated as a “Samburu Warrior.” Read more

Sayydah Garrett

Sayydah Garrett

Founder and President

Sayydah Garrett was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She has a lifelong passion for helping others. Her personal mission statement is, “Tell me what you want and I’ll help you get it.” Read more

Halima Garrett – Board Secretary

Halima Garrett has a caring heart for children and enjoys watching them thrive. Volunteering with Pastoralist Child Foundation gives her the opportunity to help girls achieve their goals and become empowered to attain better life outcomes. Halima holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Maryland (College Park). She holds a passion for nutrition and health education, resulting in greater awareness of the advantages of healthy eating. Halima works as the Food & Nutrition Data Specialist at Weight Watchers Internation in New York City. She enjoys listening to music, sewing, thrift shop bargains, and creating recipes for delicious healthy smoothies.


Lisa La Valle-Finan – Board of Directors 

Lisa La Valle-Finan is a trusted intercultural expert and expat adviser with over 20 years of international work-life experience. She designs curriculum and delivers workshops for Fortune 500 executives, their families in global transition, expatriates stateside and abroad, and global mobility service providers. Lisa nurtures talent to succeed in the global workplace by increasing value proposition, visibility and cultural dexterity. With a sixth sense for cultural insights to make the foreign feel more familiar, she’s studied, lived, and worked in Europe and has a background in cultural anthropology.


Nan Josephson, Ph.D.  – Board of Directors

Nan Josephson, Ph.D., is a working artist, teacher, and writer. After working as a graphic designer for Rolls Royce and her own agency, she went back to college to get her degrees in teaching. She has taught K-12 art and language arts in New York City public schools, ceramics at the State University of New York and education through Harvard University’s World Teach program, and has published numerous articles on the arts in international magazines. She has twenty years experience as the CEO of mid-size nonprofits in Vermont, New Jersey, New York and Africa. Her current passions are polymer clay, jewelry and metals, ceramics, playing the piano and pipe organ, illustration, and crochet.


Laurie Ann Roemmele, Ph.D. – Board of Directors

Laurie Anne Roemmele, Ph.D Laurie Anne Roemmele, Ph.D., has her doctorate in Organizational Development and Management. She is now in her 27th year of consulting. Dr. Roemmele’s company, PEQ, Inc. has facilitated a career working with over 80 nonprofit agencies, school districts, and the public sector (County, State, and municipal government) throughout New Jersey. She is passionate about all the projects in which she is engaged, and is motivated to learn while making great changes in their respective organizations. Dr. Roemmele has also experienced tremendous success as a grant writer; fundraiser; strategic planner; team-building specialist; curriculum and evaluation expert; Board development consultant; and coach to many local and state leaders. She has worked as an evaluator for the NJ Departments of Education and Labor and Workforce Development, United Way, and other funders to ensure their investment is producing significant outcomes. For 30 years, she has also taught at several colleges and universities, including Cornell University, Elmira College, Montclair State University, Seton Hall University, Kean University, Bloomfield College, and many of NJ’s community colleges. She writes: “Service to help others is the greatest benefit I receive from my work, and it definitely manifests itself through my commitment, drive, compassion, and of course, the fun I have doing it!!”


Kenya Team


Elizabeth Lemoyog

Community Mobilizer & FGM Workshop Facilitator

Elizabeth Lemoyog is a pastoralist, a member of the Samburu tribe, and lives in the city of Archer’s Post in Samburu County.

Elizabeth graduated from high school and is married. She has a passion for helping the pastoralist community.

Elizabeth teaches about harmful cultural practices. While loving and respecting her culture, Elizabeth is keen to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and child marriage.

Elizabeth teaches that FGM is actually not inherently part of the local culture. It is believed to have originated in Egypt, dating back to the time of the Pharoahs and their women slaves. The Samburu and Maasai tribes adopted FGM and the belief that FGM is honorable, cleansing, and forms part of the graduation from childhood to adulthood and is needed in order to be eligible for marriage. Elizabeth is a strong advocate for girls’ education. She has 3 daughters who won’t undergo FGM and will get a good education. Elizabeth emphasizes that the girl-child is valued by the community.