Our Partners and Funders


UNICEF Kenya partners with Pastoralist Child Foundation (PCF) to expand accessibility to community educational workshops and referral services in six Waso Ward villages in Samburu County.

The Girl Generation

The Girl Generation is a social change communications initiative, providing a global platform for galvanising, catalysing and amplifying the Africa-led movement to end FGM.

Kenya Anti FGM Board

PCF partners with the Republic of Kenya’s Anti-FGM Board to raise awareness and provide programs to end FGM by the year 2030

Wallace Global Fund

Wallace Global Fund provides support to Pastoralist Child Foundation for Anti-FGM/C Advocacy in Kenya.

Spirit in Action

Spirit in Action’s micro-grants support individuals, families, and grassroots organizations in Africa to start small businesses and community programs

The Samburu Project

Pastoralist Child Foundation facilitates workshops on FGM, child marriage, sexual & reproductive health, HIV/AIDS. as part of The Samburu Project “Sisters Project.”

Hands on the World

Through HOW Global’s “Plant Not Cut” program, girls attend sleepover camps (offered by the Pastoralist Child Foundation) where they learn the dangers of FGM as well as proactive behaviors to support health and wellness.

A Safe World for Women

Safe World for Women provides web consultancy, design and marketing services to grassroots partners.
Pastoralist Child Foundation is a Safe World Field Partner and a member of the Alliance for a Safe World.

No FGM Australia

Global Alliance against FGM

Women Thrive Alliance