Educated girls are more likely to stay in or near their communities and become mothers who encourage their children to go to school. Quality girls’ education empowers by giving them choices, alleviates poverty and yields great returns in socio-economics, health, population and politics. Education leads to increased income for girls themselves, but also for nations as a whole.

Education = Empowerment = Equality

In keeping with its sincere and dedicated commitment to the formal education of girls, Pastoralist Child Foundation gives like-minded people the opportunity to sponsor students. When you sponsor a girl her life changes forever and her hopes and dreams can become a reality! We enroll students in high performing private boarding schools with great teachers and administrative staff. The annual sponsorship fee of $1,500.00 pays for full tuition, examination fees, transportation, healthcare, school uniforms and shoes, books, school supplies, backpack, mattress, sheets, blankets, pillow, personal toiletries and a lock box for personal items.

Girls who receive full sponsorships are from very low-income families where many heads of households are single mothers with numerous children. Student candidates are interviewed and must demonstrate good grades, good citizenship, leadership skills, and a willingness to volunteer with Pastoralist Child Foundation during school holidays. The parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of the potential candidate must agree that FGM should be abolished and they will not force her to marry as a child (under the age of 18). Local pastoralist conditions reduce attendance in day schools due to long walks to schools which may be as far as 15 kilometers from a girl’s village, and disruptions of education caused by droughts and the movement of the communities from one place to another for greener pastures and clean water. Many girls who attend local day schools also miss classes because they cannot afford sanitary napkins during their menstruating days. When they’re sponsored in boarding schools they’re provided with the necessary napkins. Boarding schools also discourage the cultural barriers by giving girls a place to escape the relentless pressure for early marriage and motherhood to an environment supportive of girls’ education. Boarding schools provide nutritious meals, health care, structured time for study, and housing for girls who have reached puberty and are at risk of being married off.

In Kenya the school year starts in January and there are 3 semesters. The high school curriculum is competitive with subjects such as English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Computer skills, physical education, music, art, drama/theatre. School holidays are in April, August and December. Some students attending boarding schools don’t see their friends and families back home often so they eagerly look forward to holidays!

Sponsors are provided with the school mailing address and email address (if the student has one) of their student. We encourage sponsors to keep in regular contact in order to encourage the student to perform well and assure them they can reach their goals. Pastoralist Child Foundation staff and mentors also stay in regular contact with the girls, school principals, teachers, counsellors and administrators.

Pastoralist Child Foundation is committed to the complete education of its students, from primary school to post-secondary education, and hopefully university for high performing students because our mission is to promote girl child education, which requires that each student has the knowledge and skills to study whether through vocational training or college. Our strategy is to ensure that PCF-sponsored students remain in school as long as they desire. Our students deserve what they work hard for in order to improve their life outcomes and help the Pastoralist communities. Education = Empowerment = Equality.

Sponsorships are available for secondary school students. If you’re interested in learning more about how to sponsor a student please email us at

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